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Re: [xsl] Initial whitespace in PI from XSLT, main body

2022-05-08 02:59:04
Thanks for the thoughts, Dimitre. Could also use some other character (like ␠ 
(U+2420) or ␤ (U+2424)) and convert it later. But in fact I have no need to 
force a whitespace character on output. If I don’t mention it, the client may 
not even notice that all of her PIs have lost a leading space after her files 
are “fixed” with my XSLT. But the spaces are summarily unimportant. (Although 
it does make me wonder how they got there in the first place. :-)

Syd, I see two ways (if you really need to) to maintain a PI whose string value 
starts with a whitespace character:

  1. Enclose this value in some strippable non-whitespace characters (say 
apostrophes or quotes), or,

  2. If the value is guaranteed not to end with a space character, just use the 
reversed string value, and when you get that in your code, reverse it back.

Hope this helps,

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