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Re: [xsl] Initial whitespace in PI from XSLT, main body

2022-05-10 15:36:24

On 09/05/2022 16:07, Wendell Piez wapiez(_at_)wendellpiez(_dot_)com wrote:
This is awesome! Excellent that you are maintaining this.

My pleasure :-)

I like the language fine except there is one thing to add, [...]

I'd like to quote that if I may.

White-space in Schemas [Wendell Piez]
Schema validation, including DTD validation, may provide for whitespace normalization on attributes (and in XSD, text content),
or at any rate specify it in such a way that in some parses
(schema-aware), they will be normalized (and hence may appear
differently from the data). So, a bit ouch. In XSLT they are left
alone, but given such a parse before the XSLT, they are not.

Reply-To set to me.

Also it's CDATA attributes not PCDATA attributes, am I wrong?

Oops. Finger slippage. Thanks for spotting it.

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