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Re: [dkim-ops] Test Results for various reflectors

2006-06-08 21:16:54
Hi Dan,
At 16:37 08-06-2006, Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
By the way -- can you tell WHY? I was signing using ietf-base-01, but am about to switch

I only see a signature verification failed. I don't think that using ietf-base-01 is the problem.

over to the allman one shortly, it's had SLIGHTLY more success than the others. (This message should be signed with it.) Which method are you using to verify?

If you sign using ietf-base-01, the dkim-milter running at this end should be able to do the DKIM verification.

That wasn't a milter question, but some of the above ARE, and I'll be mentioning that on those mailing lists shortly. DKIM seems like a cool idea, but most of the documentation seems to be SERIOUSLY lacking.

I suggest moving the discussion to the dkim-milter mailing list as the problem may be dkim-milter (configuration) or sendmail related. Please provide details on your dkim-filter and sendmail configuration. If you have any other milters running, please disable them while you do the tests.

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