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Re: [dkim-ops] Test Results for various reflectors

2006-06-08 16:57:39
Hi Dan,
At 16:21 08-06-2006, Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
I'm guessing there's no space within the spec for a signature to include which spec it was signed to be in compliance with -- and to ignore otherwise, or use the all-important feedback address?

No, the signature doesn't include which draft it follows at the moment. The autoresponders should be backward compatible and verify a DKIM signature for a previous implementation. There is an email address mentioned in the specifications. There are also contact addresses on the websites.

Well, I was more looking for contacts at each individual site running a reflector. Leaving a decaying piece of software out in the open is not a good thing.

I doubt the reflectors are running decaying software. :)

MTA Version

The above two do not affect DKIM verification.

DKIM Verifier (milter/spamassassin plugin/etc?)

Most of the verifiers are either milter-based or an in-house implementation. If I am not mistaken, the ones you listed do not use the Spamassassin plugin.

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