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Re: [dkim-ops] Test Results for various reflectors

2006-06-08 22:57:02
On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
There's no support in dk-filter for signing in accordance with the base-02 spec is there?

Assuming you mean dkim-filter, correct. The next version will explicitly support base-02, although the only relevant changes between base-01 and base-02 were clarifications as far as I recall and didn't actually change the format of the signatures or keys.

This might explain my confusion -- on this page should those be ietf 00 and ietf 01 instead of allman 00 and allman 01? Or is there still something I'm missing?

That page is probably out of date. At least the sendmail and blackops ones are wrong; both can do the IETF drafts.

Mostly we (being the working group) consider the most current version of each draft to be the one we're supporting, while including as much backward compatibility for prior versions as possible as well. Eventually support for earlier versions will be dropped, especially as we progress toward an actual RFC being published.

An (optional) version tag in the signature could be useful here (similar to the one in an SPF record).

It's pretty much implicit. If for example the signature contains a "bh" tag and/or uses "rsa-sha256", that's necessarily ietf-base-01 or later. That's at least how our implementation can claim to be adaptive.

As this has all been experimental and the draft process is not yet completed, it's kind of a moving target so documentation on very specific or uncommon issues can be hard to find. List archives are also a good place to hunt around for answers to the more common problems.

True, was just a little discouraging to find lists with volume over five months in the past two years (and some of them, last posted in 2005 -- I think we're fixing that now tho :))

There are about ten lists I know of, but only a few are actually active. This wasn't one of them. :-)

If you're tinkering with dkim-milter, I believe the SourceForge lists get the most traffic. If you want to beat on the specification itself as it moves toward IETF last call, the ietf-dkim list on this server is the place to be.
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