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Re: [fetchmail] same settings but different behaviour...

2003-04-26 16:51:48
On Sat, Apr 26, 2003 at 09:38:07PM +0000, Rob MacGregor wrote:
From: Laurent CREPET <lcrepet(_at_)free(_dot_)fr>

My mails were fetched from firewall, but never received in my
workstation mailbox. Instead of receving mails from fetchmail, the local
postfix started to sent mails from MAILER-DAEMON to error mail senders (eg:
<mailing-list>-admin@ or <mailing-list>-owner). I did not manage to
catch one of these mails to see its contents.

If you can find out what the errors were (they may be duplicated in your 
mail logs), or maybe if you run fetchmail with "--nosyslog -v -v" people 
might be able to help.

Otherwise you haven't provided enough information to work with I'm afraid...

1. mails are fetched on my firewall (clark.megrapet.org), in
/var/spool/mail/lct, using fetchmail 6.2.2, no procmail process
or anything else.

2. on my workstation, I run fetchmail 6.2.2 to fetch from
clark.megrapet.org, using POP3.

Here is the output of fetchmail --nosyslog -v -v :

[lct(_at_)lilo lct]$ fetchmail --nosyslog -v -v
fetchmail: Old UID list from clark.megrapet.org: <empty>
fetchmail: Scratch list of UIDs: <empty>
fetchmail: 6.2.2 querying clark.megrapet.org (protocol POP3) at dim 27
avr 2003 01:38:05 CEST: poll started
fetchmail: POP3< +OK POP3 clark.megrapet.org v2001.78rh server ready
fetchmail: POP3> CAPA
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Capability list follows:
fetchmail: POP3< TOP
fetchmail: POP3< LOGIN-DELAY 180
fetchmail: POP3< UIDL
fetchmail: POP3< STLS
fetchmail: POP3< USER
fetchmail: POP3< SASL LOGIN
fetchmail: POP3< .
fetchmail: POP3> USER lct
fetchmail: POP3< +OK User name accepted, password please
fetchmail: POP3> PASS
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Mailbox open, 1 messages
fetchmail: selecting or re-polling default folder
fetchmail: POP3> STAT
fetchmail: POP3< +OK 1 5002
1 message for lct at clark (5002 octets).
fetchmail: POP3> LIST
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Mailbox scan listing follows
fetchmail: POP3< 1 5002
fetchmail: POP3< .
fetchmail: POP3> RETR 1
fetchmail: POP3< +OK 5002 octets
reading message lct(_at_)clark:1 of 1 (5002 octets)
About to rewrite Return-Path: <changelog-owner(_at_)linux-mandrake(_dot_)com>
Rewritten version is Return-Path: 

About to rewrite From: Buchan Milne <devel(_at_)mandrakesoft(_dot_)com>
Rewritten version is From: Buchan Milne <devel(_at_)mandrakesoft(_dot_)com>

About to rewrite To: Changelog List <changelog(_at_)linux-mandrake(_dot_)com>
Rewritten version is To: Changelog List 

About to rewrite Reply-To: cooker(_at_)linux-mandrake(_dot_)com
Rewritten version is Reply-To: cooker(_at_)linux-mandrake(_dot_)com

About to rewrite Sender: devel(_at_)mandrakesoft(_dot_)com
Rewritten version is Sender: devel(_at_)mandrakesoft(_dot_)com

fetchmail: SMTP< 220 lilo.megrapet.org ESMTP Postfix (2.0.6) (Mandrake
fetchmail: SMTP> EHLO localhost
fetchmail: SMTP< 250-lilo.megrapet.org
fetchmail: SMTP< 250-PIPELINING
fetchmail: SMTP< 250-SIZE 10240000
fetchmail: SMTP< 250-VRFY
fetchmail: SMTP< 250-ETRN
fetchmail: SMTP< 250-XVERP
fetchmail: SMTP< 250 8BITMIME
fetchmail: forwarding to localhost
fetchmail: SMTP> MAIL FROM:<changelog-owner(_at_)linux-mandrake(_dot_)com>
fetchmail: SMTP< 250 Ok
fetchmail: SMTP> RCPT TO:<lct(_at_)localhost>
fetchmail: SMTP< 250 Ok
fetchmail: SMTP> DATA
fetchmail: SMTP< 354 End data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>
fetchmail: SMTP< 250 Ok: queued as CEBBB2BC
fetchmail: POP3> DELE 1
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Message deleted
fetchmail: POP3> QUIT
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Sayonara
fetchmail: 6.2.2 querying clark.megrapet.org (protocol POP3) at dim 27
avr 2003 01:38:08 CEST: poll completed
New UID list from clark.megrapet.org: <empty>
fetchmail: not swapping UID lists, no UIDs seen this query
fetchmail: SMTP> QUIT
fetchmail: SMTP< 221 Bye
fetchmail: Deleting fetchids file.
fetchmail: normal termination, status 0
fetchmail: Deleting fetchids file.

3. then, in my example, on my workstation, postfix receive the mail
from fetchmail, and immediately send another mail to
changelog-owner(_at_)linux-mandrake(_dot_)com, perhaps and surely an error mail.

Apr 27 01:38:08 lilo postfix/smtpd[16404]: connect from
Apr 27 01:38:08 lilo postfix/smtpd[16404]: CEBBB2BC:
Apr 27 01:38:08 lilo postfix/cleanup[16406]: CEBBB2BC:
Apr 27 01:38:08 lilo postfix/nqmgr[29759]: CEBBB2BC:
from=<changelog-owner(_at_)linux-mandrake(_dot_)com>, size=5284, nrcpt=1 
Apr 27 01:38:08 lilo postfix/smtpd[16404]: disconnect from
Apr 27 01:38:09 lilo postfix/local[16409]: CEBBB2BC:
orig_to=<lct(_at_)localhost>, relay=local,
delay=1, status=bounced (mail forwarding loop for
Apr 27 01:38:09 lilo postfix/cleanup[16406]: 1BAEC55A:
Apr 27 01:38:09 lilo postfix/nqmgr[29759]: 1BAEC55A: from=<>, size=6927,
nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Apr 27 01:38:11 lilo postfix/smtp[16412]: 1BAEC55A:
relay=smtp.mandrax.org[], delay=2, status=sent (250 Ok:
queued as 0BEB7801D1)

fetchmail seems to badly rewrite the mail header... am I wrong ? Any
option to add ? on the firewall's fetchmail ? on the workstation
fetchmail ?

It's strange since a single fetchmail works fine, but a double
fetchmail (one from multiple external mailboxes to my mailbox on the
firewall, and then from my mailbox on the firewall to my mailbox on my
workstation) fails !

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.
Laurent CREPET -- lcrepet(_at_)free(_dot_)fr