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Re: [fetchmail] same settings but different behaviour...

2003-04-28 13:50:44
On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 06:12:07AM +0000, Rob MacGregor wrote:
From: Laurent CREPET <lcrepet(_at_)free(_dot_)fr>

It appears I need to tune fetchmail on both firewall and workstation,
adding the good options. "norewrite", "smtpaddress" and "smtpname",
"smtphosts" could help.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Still the same problem !

Something like that. I guess fetchmail on the firewall add its header
and rewrite envelope with lct(_at_)localhost(_dot_)megrapet(_dot_)org, and 
fetchmail on
the workstation does it again... So postfix fails somewhere on the

Well, it doesn't look like it fails, looks like it does exactly what it's 
told.  Everything indicates that it doesn't know that the email is local, 
so relays the email.  I suspect that if you fix postfix you'll solve the 

Both postfix (firewall + workstation) have localhost.$mydomain in the
"mydestination" parameter.

Here's a sample of my .fetchmailrc:

defaults proto pop3
       smtphost mailhost.my-domain
       smtpaddress my-domain
       no rewrite
       set invisible

poll pop3.blueyonder.co.uk
       username "user" password "pass" to "rob" here

Where my-domain is my internal domain.

Ok, I've setup these settings on both firewall and workstation
(different "smtphost"). When workstation fetchs mails, I still have the
same problem: mails seem to be refused, then lost.

This time, I found the following stuff in the postfix logs:

Apr 28 22:38:53 lilo postfix/smtp[2075]: 68B3E4AD:
relay=mail.sourceforge.net[], delay=10, status=bounced
(host mail.sourceforge.net[] said: 550-Envelope sender
verification failed 550 rejected: there is no valid sender in any header
line (envelope sender is <>). Are you sure your domain in From: and/or
Reply-To: resolves from the internet (host -t MX domain) and can be
connected back to for delivery of replies? (in reply to end of DATA

Laurent CREPET -- lcrepet(_at_)free(_dot_)fr