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Re: [fetchmail] same settings but different behaviour...

2003-04-28 14:03:14
On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 09:18:00AM +0000, Rob MacGregor wrote:
From: Laurent CREPET <lcrepet(_at_)free(_dot_)fr>

fetchmail seems to badly rewrite the mail header... am I wrong ? Any
option to add ? on the firewall's fetchmail ? on the workstation
fetchmail ?

Have you considered the use of the "norewrite" option?

It's strange since a single fetchmail works fine, but a double
fetchmail (one from multiple external mailboxes to my mailbox on the
firewall, and then from my mailbox on the firewall to my mailbox on my
workstation) fails !

Well, we've now got most of the parts of the puzzle.  What's in your 

Guessing, it looks like you've got a postfix config problem "(mail 
forwarding loop for lct(_at_)localhost(_dot_)megrapet(_dot_)org)".

Now, you're right... But it appears when I set the new fetchmail

From postfix logs:
Apr 28 22:38:41 lilo postfix/local[2056]: D96BF395:
to=<lct(_at_)megrapet(_dot_)org>, relay=local, delay=1, status=bounced (mail
forwarding loop for lct(_at_)megrapet(_dot_)org)

I don't exactly see why... I must drink another coffee.


Ooooops... I've set both firewall and workstation 'smtpaddress' to
megrapet.org, not to each hostname. I must try with full hostname.

Laurent CREPET -- lcrepet(_at_)free(_dot_)fr