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re: ISO-2022 as a separate RFC

1991-11-12 13:17:47
On Tue, 12 Nov 91 06:06:53 PST, Neil Katin wrote:
I think the suggestion to move the standardization of ISO-2022 with
respect to character-set identification is a good one.  I'm willing
to volunteer to write the first draft of such a specification for
Japan, PRC, Korea, and Taiwan, and have started to gather the
data from Sun's localization centers for standard 2022 usage
in their locale (if any...).

I think it is the height of arrogance and folly for Americans to `specify'
what ISO-2022 usage is for Japan, Red China, the Republic of Korea, north
Korea, and Taiwan.

The most that should be done is to document what appears to be current
practice, with clear statements that this is *all* that this document is and
*not* an attempt at a specification.

Some initial data points:

Japan uses ISO-2022.

Red China's GB character set can be used with ISO-2022 (in fact, it is a
derivative of the Japanese JIS standard) but to my knowledge they do not in
fact actually use ISO-2022.

I am not sure what the Republic of Korea does, but I seen evidence that north
Korea uses the Republic of Korea's standards using equipment manufactured in
Japan for the Republic of Korea market.

I do not believe that ISO-2022 is used in Taiwan.  BIG5 does not lend itself
gracefully to 7-bits.

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