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Re: ISO-2022 as a separate RFC

1991-11-13 08:41:46
Excerpts from internet.ietf-822: 13-Nov-91 Re: ISO-2022 as a separate
RFC Ned Freed(_at_)hmcvax(_dot_)claremo (5387)

RFC-XXXX should specify ISO-2022-JP, and our Japanese friends should be 
to come up with a subsequent document to formally specify this usage and all
other usages involving Japanese characters.  But the provision of a
placeholder should not be delayed pending this.

I'll agree to this with one proviso. The use of the placeholder will NOT
become legal until the RFC is written or a reference is given that
provides the 
specification. Until then it is a placeholder and nothing more; any use of it 
is illegal until the specification is also available.

This is back to what the October draft does for 10646 and Mnemonic, more
or less.  Still a decent compromise, to my mind.  -- NB

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