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Re: ISO-2022 as a separate RFC

1991-11-13 10:04:53

Let me restate my preferences.

1) Please take whatever Neil, Crispin, and SEKIGUCH (who gave a nice
summary of Japanese 2022) and write up a short "profile".  IF it is 
ready, and I hope it gets to be soon, it should be in RFCXXXX as 
a text subtype.

2) Take any of the many postings explaining NMONIC, and write a 
1 paragraph on the use of NMONIC, and add nmonic as a subtype of 

3) Do not do the same for ISO 10646 at this time, because there is 
NO definitive specification to point to.  It can be added later
at the Draft Standard Stage, when this document will be revisited 
in light of initial implementation experience.

Greg V.

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