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Re: audio, checksums, and trojan horses

1991-11-13 10:08:00
(FYI this is mainly a comment to message by 

Regarding the open issues:

A. 2:  Checksums/Integrity Checks - if we're going to get this resolved in
      Santa Fe, a strawman would be very helpful.

I think that base64 should have it's internal mandatory checksum and
other parts may have their own (non-mandatory) checksum's. 

Can somebody define a checksum that works easily bot in CRLF (unix) and
record oriented (VAX)? Does  the checksum survive ASCII-> EBCDIC + 
transformations? I think it's impossible to define a checksum that is usable
except when the parts are encoded.

A. 3:  Non-ASCII Headers - other than several suggestions to move this 
      out of RFC-XXXX, the silence is deafening.  What's going on?  
      There were several demands for this earlier - if they are still
      demands, I'd like to hear them before Santa Fe.  Otherwise, punt.

I like the proposition by Keith More. It's ok as a different document
but it MUST be ready at the same time as the other part(s) are ready.

B. 6:  Character sets.  

I think that parameter syntax is best (like charset=whatever). It should not
be a separate header and there is no good reason to think of it as a subtype.

If we add rich-text as a subtype of text then charset must be given in parameter
syntax (or extra header).
B. 7:  Text-plus - again, not a SHOW-STOPPER, but this doesn't exactly
      seem to be a Text sub-type.  The Text-plus sub-types are dwindling,
      but I still see a distinction at the top level.

Make rich-text a sub-type of text and the there is no real use of
text-plus. I think TeX and others are better handled as application

I agree. Latex might be possible as a text-type but pure TeX is impossible.

B. 12: Body-Version header - what's the resistance to Content-Version?
      Definitely no big deal, just curious.

Content-Version sounds like it means that this is a new version of something
older (like USENET News Supersedes). Otherwise it's the same to me.

Otherwise i agree whit what Ned suggested in his mail.

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