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Re: /alternative

1991-11-15 14:15:58
From: jknowles(_at_)binky(_dot_)arc(_dot_)nasa(_dot_)gov
Subject: Re: /alternative 
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 91 11:24:30 PST

A 5 meg PostScript file was passing through our fax/email gateway as I read

Of course, most PostScript files are not nearly this large.  Probably 10-20k
is most common through our gateway.  Still, that's already on the high end
for text messages.

Just yesterday I saw a 15 Meg mail message trying to pass through our
system (it seemed to be some encapsulated NeXT mailer stuff).  We had to
reconfigure our system to allow it to make it through - I think that our
current limit is now about 50 Meg.....

        --asp(_at_)uunet(_dot_)uu(_dot_)net (Andrew Partan)

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