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1991-11-15 12:36:46
Excerpts from mail: 15-Nov-91 Re: /alternative 
jknowles(_at_)binky(_dot_)arc(_dot_)nasa(_dot_) (776)

Of course, most PostScript files are not nearly this large.  Probably 10-20k
is most common through our gateway.  Still, that's already on the high end
for text messages.

Hey, you ain't seen nothin' yet.  Here at Bellcore, we're starting to
get serious about video mail.  Try THAT over a 9600 baud connection.... 

Seriously, established networks are reaching the point where text mail
traffic is trivial, which is why there's now real pressure to
standardize the kind of image mail & audio mail that has been
experimental up to now.  Once the networks get to the point where image
mail is trivial, researchers will probably have video mail really ready
to role.  You can't fight progres...  -- Nathaniel

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