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Re: /alternative

1991-11-14 07:44:52
Note also that even in Bill's answer, where he talked about the
difficulty of creating multimedia responses, his response included bold,
italic, and indented text, although this was stripped out before it was
sent to the list.

The real point -- on which Bill and I agrere completely, I believe -- is
that non-text mail will be used heavily only when it is REALLY easy to
use.  The Andrew excerpt mechanism certainly fits this bill, as do the
facilities for other simple uses of fonts.  Audio mail is easily brought
to this level in the presence of audio I/O devices to your computer. 
For the rest, widespread use mostly awaits ease of use.  Integrate a
fax-like scanner into your computer and I predict the use of image mail
will skyrocket, and so on.  -- NB

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