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1991-11-15 12:26:51
  And, as we've discussed privately, I do worry about the bandwidth 
implications of all of this, especially for people who pay by the 
kilopacket to receive mail.

A 5 meg PostScript file was passing through our fax/email gateway as I read
this.  This was a forty-five page document with many encapsulated
scanned images.  The scientist sending this is delighted that he doesn't
have to waste time at the fax machine.  His collegues are impressed with
the superior quality of computer-generated fax.  Fax gateways are becoming
common.  So I think your worry about bandwidth is well justified.

Of course, most PostScript files are not nearly this large.  Probably 10-20k
is most common through our gateway.  Still, that's already on the high end
for text messages.


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