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Re: audio, checksums, and trojan horses

1991-11-15 10:59:05
There has been relative silence from the header-extension-demanding crowd
because we thought there was relatively total agreement that the =????=
proposal would either be included in RFC-XXXX after Santa Fe or moved into
a separate RFC that would progress at the same time as RFC-XXXX.

Regarding the "relatively total agreement", I think this is true.  What I
was asking is, should this be moved out of RFC-XXXX and into a companion RFC?
I had some suspicion that someone somewhere felt rather strongly about this

ANY MOVEMENT AT ALL that will result in this being missing when the RFC-XXXX
gets the status of an "Internet Standard" will be the subject of INTENSE

Is this clear enough????????????????????????????????

Not really.  I'm still not sure if a companion RFC is satisfactory to you.


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