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Re: PostScript (Was: Re: audio, checksums, and trojan horses)

1991-11-13 09:12:44
Well, I think that the discussion has been backing into this issue and
finally needs to acknowledge it:  Every type of content requires a set of
conventions for its use.  The email system transports the content and the
current spec effort is enhancing the transport mechanism to allow specification
of these different content types.  However, it is NOT attempting to define
the conventions for use.  THAT is a higher-level activity (Level 8 or 9 on
the OSI stack...)

These conventions can (and should, in my opinion) be viewed as protocols,
albeit highly non-interactive.  Each one needs to be specified, though
XXXX gives enough information about a few (e.g., audio) that a separate
spec probably isn't needed for them.