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Re: Re: audio, checksums, and trojan horses

1991-11-13 19:19:03
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assumption that audio data is going to be written to files which will be
passed on to applications that expect audio files.  ...
The bottom line, for me, is this:  THERE IS NO TECHNICAL REASON TO
PREFER ONE FORMAT TO ANOTHER.  I therefore prefer to go with the most
stable standards.  

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Some of the data formats we deal with identify their characteristics internally.

For those which do we extract necessary information (e.g. in audio # of samples
per second and the like) to include in parameters in Content-Type:.

The information remains in the data part of the body, extracting out bits
of data is purely for our convenience.  It may save us from teaching the UAs
the nit-picky details of all the data formats out there.


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