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1991-11-13 20:13:24
Excerpts from ext.ietf-822: 13-Nov-91 Re: /alternative John C
Klensin(_at_)infoods(_dot_)m (1561)

However, in the overwhelming number of cases -- at 
least in most cultures -- people (to use language consistent with 
Nathaniel's understatement) "tend to use...primarily... text-only" 

forms, and to do so with rather conventional choices of fonts and 

Nathaniel and I have had a conversation about this before...  Another
thing that should be factored in here is that non-textual data is still
fairly cumbersome to create.  If I had the ability to grab a directory
or file off a file-browser, and drop it on my mail tool, I'd send files
and data much more often.  One of the more interesting tools I have is
"xsnap", which gives me an ATK-formatted snap of some part of my screen.
 Another function in the mail tool pastes it in at the insertion point. 
But that's *still* a bit clumsy.

Perhaps, with the emergence of pen tools and audio inputs, as more
standard equipment, non-textual mail will be easier to create, and more
widely used.


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