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PS -- Re: /alternative

1991-11-14 07:17:00
My previous message -- and MOST of the other messages I and other Andrew
users such as Bill Janssen and Craig Everhart have sent to this list --
are examples of mail that would NOT be plain text if I could assume
everyone on this list had richtext capability.

That's because the Andrew mail composition agent does a very nice job
(if I do say so myself) of formatting "excerpts" from other messages. 
In reducing those excerpts to plain text, it makes them look like most
other systems' excerpts (leading ">", etc.) but in native Andrew
representation the excerpts are indented and in italics, with the
leading "Excerpt from..." line in bold.  The net result is MUCH more
readable than standard excerpts (when viewed in full-font glory), and
totally trivial to use.  Thus you can get a quick feel for how often
Andrew users actually use fonts just by seeing how many of our messages
use this excerpting capability.  Of course, we use fonts at other times
too, but just the excerpts alone provide an impressive minimum count for
messages that will use fonts.  -- NB

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