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Re: An appeal for closure

1991-12-26 05:39:35
My proposal is simply that we limit the character set work in the base
MIME document to that which can be handled with minimal technical effort
on the part of MIME other than citing external formal standards for
character sets. This automatically restricts the base document to being
able to cite other presently standard RFCs and whatever international
standards we choose to adopt. That's part one of my proposal. The second
part is that we put the 2022-jp material and the mnemonic material into
separate documents (this necessitates zero changes to mnemonic and basically
just moves an appendix from MIME to a separate RFC) and start them on their
way down the track post haste. Even if political forces make these
documents experimental for now, it certainly eliminates any concern over
banning this character set or that -- since when has it been illegal t
use experimental protocols on the Internet?

My intention with RFC-CHAR was that it included all known interesting
character set which could be of use on the Internet.
So I think this could be a place to describe ISO-2022-JP.

My proposal is thus to advance RFC-CHAR as quickly as possible, so that
MIME can reference it, at least for ISO-2022-JP and MNEMONIC.
I have actually understood that the decision of the WG
was RFC-XXXX and RFC-CHAR were to be RFCs at the same time so
they could reference eachother. Dave Crocker then says that this
is not possible. Luckily RFC-CHAR does not reference XXXX, so
the problem can be solved by first having RFC-CHAR a RFC.


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