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Re: An appeal for closure

1991-12-26 18:11:26
It is clear (at least to me) that if DIS 2 of ISO 10646 were an
approved ISO standard now then smtp MUST support it on the 8 bit
paths.  Since it is not now but it seems likely to pass this time
around and RFX-XXXX may be ready in the same time frame, I think it is
prudent to include it in any list of character sets that includes ISO
8859-1 for instance.
  Dan, if it is approved, and if there is sufficient experience with 
whatever the options turn out to be, then I see no problem with slipping 
it back in at a later stage.  I consider both of those "if"s to be quite 
open issues-- "likely to pass this time" is by no means a forgone 
conclusion.  In no event does it become equivalent to 8859-1 on 
adoption: we know how to transport 8859-1 without profiles, 8859-1 is in 
fairly extensive use, there are hardware implementations of it on a 
number of platforms, it has been an International Standard for several 
years now, etc.  The equivalent for 10646 is some time away, and that is
*after* the profile issues (two octet?  four octet? single-octet
codings?  variable length codings?) are worked out as well as getting
the thing approved. 

It is also clear to me that RCF-CHAR will never be an ISO standard.
  If I were Keld, and JTC1/SC2 continues to behave the way it has been 
behaving, I would propose it as a unifying notational system to 
JTC1/SC22 or one of its WGs and/or propose it to TC46, where they need 
to use character sets, not just make codes.  While I might agree with 
you that the odds of SC2 adopting it as a character set are very low (it 
is not even clear that something like RFC-CHAR is part of their 
mandate), I wouldn't make any bets against the other possible routes.
  And I gather that he is in the process of pursuing at least one of 

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