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Re: An appeal for closure

1991-12-27 00:48:49
It is clear (at least to me) that if DIS 2 of ISO 10646 were an
approved ISO standard now then smtp MUST support it on the 8 bit
paths.  Since it is not now but it seems likely to pass this time
around and RFX-XXXX may be ready in the same time frame, I think it is
prudent to include it in any list of character sets that includes ISO
8859-1 for instance.

It will take some time before there will be SMTP 8-bit paths
available in RFC specifications. XXXX only allows 7 bit.

It is also clear to me that RCF-CHAR will never be an ISO standard.
I see no need to ever support it as anything but an X- charset.

Oh, well. Coded charater set conversion is on the agenda of ISO.
RFC-CHAR specs are certainly one of the candidates.


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