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Do you like your tedium rare or medium? Re: An appeal for closure

1991-12-27 03:40:53
Having just reviewed this last chunk of discussion, I have to vote for
a quick resolution in the form of setting unresolved items into
separate RFC's (even though they might publish simultaneously with
RFC-MIME if they are lucky).

I do not see much value in delaying MIME in favor of splitting hairs,
when the practical effect of hairsplitting is not measurable, let
alone significant.

I see everyone agreeing on the desired effect.  The only arguments I
see are pointless carrying on about insignificant differences.

So, lets close!  It is my suggestion that further argument about
insignificant issues by anyone should be interpreted as an attempt to
arbitrarily delay the act of closing.

I wish you all a Great New Year (The Year of MIME!)  Cheers...\Stef

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