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Re: Implications of MIME for Transport

1992-04-14 10:31:43
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Craig_Everhart(_at_)transarc(_dot_) (884)

 I recall that Mark
Crispin had a major objection to some kinds of recursive embeddings. 
Would Nathaniel's proposed format for a message rejection create exactly
that kind of recursive embedding?

No, because Mark's objections had to do with applying
content-transfer-encodings recursively.  In my model , there's no
recursive encodings, and Mark objected to recursive encodings, not
recursive embeddings, I believe.

In the above example, the ONLY thing that is not 'boilerplate" is the
choice of boundary string.  The phrase "unique-boundary" should be
replaced by a string that does not appear (prefixed by CRLF and two
hyphens) in any of the body parts.

Nope: the string may not appear ANYWHERE in any of the body parts.  It
is insufficient that it not appear prefixed by CRLF and two hyphens.

I don't understand why you think this is the case.  I believe you're 
wrong here.  What's the problem if the boundary appears without the
leading "--"?