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Re: Implications of MIME for Transport

1992-04-15 06:46:42
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Craig_Everhart(_at_)transarc(_dot_) (1077)

OK, sorry, I'm wrong; no problem if the boundary appears without the
leading ``--''.  But there's a problem even if it appears not prefixed
by CRLF and ``--''.  That is, the string, with its ``--'' prefix, may
not appear anywhere in any of the body parts, irrespective of whether it
appears after a CRLF.

Well, this is progress.  As I read the grammar, however, the CRLF is
also essential -- it is PART of the boundary, in the latest draft.  Thus
I believe that it would actually be OK (though not smart) to have the
boundary appear somewhere not after a CRLF.  (The only danger I can
think of is if the line gets wrapped later -- is that what you were
thinking of?)