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Re: Problems with Messages over 50000 bytes

1992-06-17 12:20:01
Excerpts from mail: 17-Jun-92 Problems with Messages over.. Ann Westine
Cooper(_at_)isi(_dot_)e (7426)

What can be done about requiring hosts on the Internet to accept large
messages, in particular over 50,000 bytes?

-- Ann & Jon

These limits are limits that individual system, network, or site
administrators make.  They establish these limits for various reasons. 
The restrictions may be rooted in the cost of a link, small bandwith,
mailer problems, etc...

I suspect that your options are limited to asking the postmasters of the
bouncing sites to increase or remove the limit or moving the recipients
affected by this onto a separate list where the report is split into
separate messages and mailed.

I am not aware of any policy standards in this area.  RFC821 at least
does not address it.


Jeffrey James Bryan Carpenter

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