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Re: Re: Problems with Messages over 50000 bytes

1992-06-17 16:30:28
From: "Jeffrey J. Carpenter" <jjc+(_at_)pitt(_dot_)edu>
To: ietf-list-wg(_at_)utdallas(_dot_)edu, 
rdhobby(_at_)ucdavis(_dot_)edu, cooper(_at_)isi(_dot_)edu
Subject: Re: Problems with Messages over 50000 bytes
Cc: cooper(_at_)isi(_dot_)edu, postel(_at_)isi(_dot_)edu

What can be done about requiring hosts on the Internet to accept large
messages, in particular over 50,000 bytes?

-- Ann & Jon

These limits are limits that individual system, network, or site
administrators make.  They establish these limits for various reasons. 
The restrictions may be rooted in the cost of a link, small bandwith,
mailer problems, etc...

I suspect that your options are limited to asking the postmasters of the
bouncing sites to increase or remove the limit or moving the recipients
affected by this onto a separate list where the report is split into
separate messages and mailed.

To answer the quip remark about hammers & nails ...

So far the only hammer for this nail is the one Jeff talks about here.
Namely to plead with the offending site to allow large mail through.

MIME (with its fragmentation & reassembly features) at least increases
the number of hammers available...

BTW: The 100,000 byte limits are derived from SendMail, the default
limit put in is exactly that size.  To change it is a simple
matter of editing the .cf & refreezing the configuration.  So for some of
those sites the pleading process should be easy.

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