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some questions (Re: Problems with Messages over 50000 bytes)

1992-06-17 14:56:44

When your only tool is a hammer a lot of problems look like nails.

Questions to Jon and Ann:

1) how many nails do we have in the "report" mailing list?  10%? 20%?  
2) did these "nails" send request messages to "report-request(_at_)isi"? or
   did you invite these "nails" to be listed in the list?

Question to Nathaniel:

1) your idea of "message segamentation" is interesting--I know packet switch,
   but I don't know much about "message switch" technology.  Could you drop
   me a note to tell the greatness of "message switching (i.e. split the
   large message into several pieces and send them out separately, then
   reassemble them at the receipient's side) ?  Thanks.

2) do they really have technical difficulty to pass large messages through?
   if not, then, they are concerned about the business side.  In this case,
   they may need to set up a large-message-splitting service in their post
   office--hey, it's their business!

Question to small-message-forwarding-service provider(s):

1) I understand that you have business related concerns for forwarding/
   distributing large messages.  But, why don't you simply charge your
   customers more for forwarding non-small messages?