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Re: simplemail draft RFC available

1993-04-14 00:37:08

I do like the simplemail philosophy of making messages trivial to type
and easy to read in the absence of a simplemail interpreter.

But I do have one nit-pick (so far): the "literal lines" markup of
COLON SINGLE-QUOTE-SPACE is sort of at odds with the stated goal that
"It must be simple to include a block of literal text such as a file
or program fragment."  Okay, it's _simple_'s just not _easy_.

So I guess I'm wishing for something in simplemail that might've been
cool to've had in richtext: some sort of a <verbatim> construct that
encloses literal text without requiring special markup constructs
anywhere in the enclosed text (except perhaps for a piece of enclosed
text that might be taken as the closing delimiter).

Here's one way that the example from section 3.5.1 might be done

int a[10]
for (i=0; i <=10; i++)
  a[i] = i