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Re: SGML (was Re: simplemail draft RFC available)

1993-04-14 16:37:28
Excerpts from ext.ietf-822: 14-Apr-93 SGML (was Re: simplemail dr.. Ed
Levinson(_at_)pica(_dot_)army(_dot_)mi (462)

      What has been done to add SGML to MIME?

My favorite effort in this area is with the HTML spec from the
WorldWideWeb project.  It has an SGML DTD, they are working on an RFC so
that it can be used as a MIME type, and it seems to support all the
features of GNU texinfo version 1 (which might not be enough formatting
markup for the text/enriched folks, I'm not sure -- Nathaniel?).  It has
a nice hypertext feature with interdocument span linking.  There are
some converters to HTML from several other interesting formats.  For
more info, see the document{txt,ps}.  I'm not sure where the
DTD lives these days...  Tim, could you provide a pointer?