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Re: Hypothetically speaking...

1993-09-10 16:05:44

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    >         I still don't understand why this  (and like-minded
    > print or FAX servers)  aren't addressed according to:
    >                 pager+4159408776(_at_)pagerserver(_dot_)tpc(_dot_)int
    Scaling.  Your proposal makes every message go to thru one single
    machine, bringing it to it's knees.  Now or tomorrow.  Or yester-
Exactly right.  And just to provide some extra detail to hammer this
point home:

By having the phone number as part of the domain name, you can have
different paging servers provide service to different sets of telephone
numbers.  Since this reflect the currently reality of paging operation,
it is an essential requirement for the Internet interface to it.