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Re: Hypothetically speaking...

1993-09-10 19:00:28
<< I still don't understand why this  (and like-minded print or FAX servers)
<< aren't addressed according to:
<<               pager+4159408776(_at_)pagerserver(_dot_)tpc(_dot_)int
<<       or even just
<<               +4159408776(_at_)pagerserver(_dot_)tpc(_dot_)int

< Scaling.  Your proposal makes every message go to thru one single machine,
< bringing it to it's knees.  Now or tomorrow.  Or yester- day.

Not hardly. Many implementations may force the messages to go through one
single machine, but that is not inherent in the address. AT&T Mail supports
a fax addressing scheme similar to that shown above, and it definitely does
NOT use a single machine to do its fax deliveries.

                                        Tony Hansen
                                att!pegasus!hansen, attmail!tony