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RE: Re[2]: yet another way to indicate related MIME body parts

1993-10-29 22:58:49
I don't think header-set is an appropriate whipping boy for the slowness of
the MIME standards & implementation process, though it may be the current
bottleneck in a few cases.  I know the MacMIME proposal has been
languishing since long before the header-set discussion began.  Ned at one
point indicated that he thought it would be a year before he would be
interested in supporting MacMIME, and that was when the proposal was
multipart/appledouble, before header-set was suggested.

I don't believe I ever said this. What I said was that my most optimistic
estimate of the time it would take to get MacMIME through the process, rounded
up to the next release of our product, would be about a year. Given the time
when I originally this statement, I may have been optimistic.