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Re: Text/enriched ambiguity

1993-10-30 09:15:37
      <colorentry>red 255 0 0 blue 0 0 255</colorentry>

what would happen when some nincompoop mucks it up as in:

  <colorentry> <b> red 255 0 0 blue 0 0 255 </b> </colorentry>

The issue being how to prevent the parameters from being parsed 
as if they were text (assuming that to be desirable).

  The extra bracketing cited by someone else [me :-)] seems
  unnecessary to me.

that extra bracketing was not meant to be taken literally, later 
on in it I sugested a 2 character bracketing system:


but other forms of bracketing would also serve:


the point being to describe a self-typing token.

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