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Re: Text/enriched ambiguity

1993-10-31 21:15:45
       I'm generally inclined to favor simplicity over power,   ...

I'm certainly in favour of simplicity also. 
                                             But, I think I'd still like
to have some mechanism to say "don't display this because it consists of
commands for changing viewer configuration". 
        I'd like to see that too.   But I say we already have it. 
        This is why I like the 
                <colorentry red 255 0 0> 
                        scheme.   If a parser recognizes it,  great. 
If not,  it still won't accidentally show-up on the user's screen. 
        There was a problem with an HTML document recently. 
I don't remember if we discussed it here,  or if I heard it 
somewhere else.   There was a like like 
                I am <b> not </b> an authority on such-and-such 
                        and some parser failed to interpret the <b> 
leaving out the word "not".   Someone who *was* an authority on 
whatever it was read the disclaimer as 
                I am an authority on such-and-such 
                        and was miffed to say the least. 
The opposite could very well happen.   It is arguable that any 
SGML-ish parser should ignore commands it doesn't understand, 
passing the text unmodified,  in which case you could say that 
                <colorentry> red 255 0 0 </colorentry> 
                        *must* be result in "red 255 0 0" being 
displayed as part of the message. 
        So ... I say,  all commands should be what's inside the 
angle brackets,  as a general rule.   (there are always exceptions) 

Rick Troth <troth(_at_)rice(_dot_)edu>, Rice University, Information Systems 

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