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Re: Text/enriched ambiguity

1993-10-31 15:01:41
 Dana S Emery writes:

rhys> I'd expect that the <colorentry> example would be 
rhys> "wrapped up" in a <param> block...

 <param> xxx </param>


 <param> {a..z} </param>

Just a detail:

I would like the characters used for separating syntactic blocks
be ASCII characters not used as different glyphs in the ISO-646
series of character sets. I.e. the '{', '[', '}' and ']' is
such characters.

I do know that the 646 character sets should never be used
in MIME messages, but during the tranision phase anything
can happen, including confusing messages from people
who are trying ot read or create MIME messages by hand.

So, choose '<', '>', '(' or ')', but not '{', '}', '['
or ']'. Please...


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