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Re: Text/enriched ambiguity

1993-10-29 09:19:08
The problem with the 

<colorentry 0 255 255 0>

example is that there is no matching </colorentry> or 
</colorentry 0 255 255 0>
        Whoah...   hang on.   WHY is this a problem? 
        I've always seen these as "commands" and coded accordingly. 
If you get a <bold> and then a </bold>,  fine.   If you get a <bold> 
and never encounter the </bold>,  still fine.   I don't see a 
problem with  <colorentry 0 255 255 0>,  and in fact would much 
PREFER it to the alternative.   Here,  the closing angle bracket 
clearly terminates the  "command". 
_.John G. Myers               Internet: jgm+(_at_)CMU(_dot_)EDU
Rick Troth <troth(_at_)rice(_dot_)edu>, Rice University, Information Systems 

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