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Re: Text/enriched ambiguity

1993-10-27 13:06:42
Excerpts from mail: 27-Oct-93 Re: Text/enriched ambiguity
tcrowley(_at_)uunet(_dot_)UU(_dot_)NET (2022) 

On the other hand (am I out of hands?) you clearly need to address the 
parsing complexity issue.  Perhaps the way to address the data problem is to 
force it into standard enriched syntax 

Hmm, this would also    require adding a rule about how to tell where a
command name ends & parameters begin, presumably just using spaces or
something like that.  Then we'd probably effectively be saying that
<bold foo bar baz>  is equivalent to <bold>, and so on.  We'd have to
address the problem of how to treat recognized commands with
unrecognized parameters, but we probably get simplified parsing overall.
 Any other opinions? 

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