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Re: yet another way to indicate related MIME body parts

1993-10-27 13:05:47
 Keith Moore writes:

I don't know enough about Hypercard stacks to answer the question for that
case.  But people talk about them as if hypercard thingys are shipped around
in "stacks", with an internal structure that's specific to Hypercard.   I've
never heard anyone talk about ftp-ing a single Hypercard page.  So maybe it
makes sense to ship around a whole hypercard stack as a single MIME object.

That's correct. Nothing says that a script on a separate hypercard card
will work without the stack, i.e. copied into another stack.
A Hypercard stack will only work as one document, i.e. preferrable as
a Macintosh document. It can include 68k code in the recource fork
also, i.e. compiled C-code which can be called from the script in
the stack. Because of that a stack must be treated even as a Macintosh
application and not only as a document with a data fork only.


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