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RE: Re[2]: yet another way to indicate related MIME body parts

1993-10-27 16:18:10
One of the suggested benefits of header-set is to allow alternative headers
for data without having to repeat the data.  If Ned wants a parameter that
tells him what "sort" of header-set it is, and you specify alternative
headers, THEN what?

The parameter gives me the broad outlines of what the collective data

multipart/header-set; type=???

I don't see this as a viable use of this concept. Something like

multipart/header-set; type=appledouble

would be as close as I can come to a use of multipart in the appledouble case.

What's ??? ?  "file-with-info" (as distinguished from "pem" or something)?
Is that enough for you, Ned?

Nope. It isn't enough. I require that the multipart type identify what's going
on before I have to process the first part. Nothing less is acceptable to me.

Can your implementation solve this problem at all?  I know you may want to
turn into macbinary to keep Mac All-In-One happy.

The ALL-IN-1 example is just an example. It isn't even a very important
example. I have dozens of other gateway components to think about here besides
ALL-IN-1, and frankly appledouble is the least of my worries when it comes to
gateway considerations. The other uses of header-set worry me a heck of a lot

But is there a Windows version of All-In-One?

As a matter of fact there is -- sort of.

Do you need to turn it into something else for that?

Yes indeed. That's why a packaging more along the lines of

    multipart/header-set; type=appledouble

would be what I'd expect in this case.

If so, how do you know which transformation to apply?

Either I'm told by a configuration file what to do or I have to do all of
them. In either case I want to know what's going in the structure before
I have to commit to any single approach.


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