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RE: Re[2]: yet another way to indicate related MIME body parts

1993-10-27 07:10:41
At  5:41 PM 10/26/93 -0700, Ned Freed wrote:
Perhaps in most cases the header parameter will be the same as the inner
header's content type, but I don't necessarily see why this needs to be a
requirement. There may be cases where a given multipart construct can have
different sorts of headers.

One of the suggested benefits of header-set is to allow alternative headers
for data without having to repeat the data.  If Ned wants a parameter that
tells him what "sort" of header-set it is, and you specify alternative
headers, THEN what?

multipart/header-set; type=???

What's ??? ?  "file-with-info" (as distinguished from "pem" or something)?
Is that enough for you, Ned?

Can your implementation solve this problem at all?  I know you may want to
turn into macbinary to keep Mac All-In-One happy.  But is there a Windows
version of All-In-One?  Do you need to turn it into something else for
that?  If so, how do you know which transformation to apply?

Steve Dorner, Qualcomm Inc.
    Sometimes it's easier to let your cockatoo eat your shoes
    than to hear him scream.

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