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Re: Text/enriched ambiguity

1993-10-30 10:37:46
One of the "simplifications" of text/enriched over text/richtext was
that there are no <commands> without matching </commands>

_.John G. Myers               Internet: jgm+(_at_)CMU(_dot_)EDU
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        Well that's the key right there.   But the problem with Rhys' 
        <colorentry>red 255 0 0 blue 0 0 255</colorentry>
                is how do you *know* that colorentries won't 
someday include some other compensating parameter?   And even if 
we assume  (safely, I'm sure you'll agree)  that primary colors 
will always be composed of R, G & B,  we have to use a different 
mechanism to parse a colorentry than to parse something else. 
Well no ... you could have some table that says  "colorentries 
have exactly three parameters",  but that doesn't work for things 
that have variable numbers of parameters.   Ugh! 
Rick Troth <troth(_at_)rice(_dot_)edu>, Rice University, Information Systems 

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