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Re: MIME boundary question

1995-02-10 09:51:26
I looked back at that discussion.  Perhaps I'm missing part of it.  The
last large chunk I find is this (there are a couple of minor changes made
after, but nothing very substantive):

Frankly, I don't recall exactly where the discussion took place. I could
dig it out of my archives, but rather than take the time to do that let me
cut to the chase and post the final BNF we agreed to:

dash-boundary := "--" boundary
                 ; boundary taken from Content-Type
                 ; field.

multipart-body := preamble dash-boundary
                  [*LWSP-char] CRLF
                  body-part *encapsulation 
                  close-delimiter [*LWSP-char]
                  CRLF epilogue

encapsulation := delimiter [*LWSP-char]
                 CRLF body-part

delimiter := CRLF dash-boundary

close-delimiter := delimiter "--"

preamble := discard-text

epilogue := discard-text

discard-text := *text *(*text CRLF)
                ; To be ignored upon receipt.

body-part := <"message" as defined in RFC 822, with all
              header fields optional, not starting with the
              specified dash-boundary, and with the 
              delimiter not occurring anywhere in the
              message body.  Note that the semantics of a
              part differ from the semantics of a message,
              as described in the text.>


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