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Re: MIME boundary question

1995-02-09 15:34:45
< You are right and they are wrong. The new version of the MIME RFC makes it
< clear that the BNF production called "boundary" is what is compared, and
< that it is the only thing that can appear on the boundary line (i.e. no
< trailing material is allowed).

< I also added this section at some point:

< NOTE TO IMPLEMENTORS:  Boundary string comparisons must take into account
< the full contents of the candidate line containing a possible boundary
< string. Specifically, the entire string following the CRLF and two dashes
< up to either the final two dashes or the final CRLF must be compared with
< the boundary parameter. An exact match is required; a substring match is
< not sufficient.

On systems in which the local line convention is just a newline, the
boundary string comparison should also take into consideration a boundary
string ending with LF as well as CRLF.

We are concerned with canonical MIME formats here, not local storage
conventions. We cannot possibly describe how to do comparisons in their
full generality, nor would be want to even if we could.

As it happens my implementation turns CRLFs into out of band record
terminators. But I don't expect to see discussion of out of band record
terminator issues in the MIME RFC.


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