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Re: Restricting the list

1996-02-05 11:23:39
  I'm also considering making restricting posting to the subscribers to the
list, which is more restrictive than the normal situation for ietf lists,
so I'd like to get your reactions to that before I do so.  I propose that
such a restriction is not overly troublesome because (1) anyone can still
subscribe if posting is that important) and (2) postings are really
meaningful only from people that are fimiliar to the list.

This is not acceptable. I routinely post from a variety of different
addresses, not just from the address I happen to be subscribed under.
I have neither the time nor interest in figuring out the address I happen
to be subscribed under in order to get my postings accepted.

Deleting the occasional advertisment that makes it through is an extremely
minor nuisance by comparison.

My participation in these lists will end the minute such a policy is

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