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Re: Restricting the list

1996-02-05 14:27:01
While their might be some justification in limiting posting to groups 
whose primary role is actively working on an engineering task, I think 
these lists are currently more for general discussion.  So I don't think 
posting should be limited to list members.

On the other hand, limiting postings to messages to which one could reply 
is quite reasonable.  Although is a real domain, 
kristina(_at_)free(_dot_)org is a nonexistent user (at least that's true now).
But I don't think there is any standard software for checking this 


On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Jim Conklin wrote:

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 11:21:41 +0100
From: Jim Conklin <conklin(_at_)info(_dot_)cren(_dot_)net>
To: ietf-smtp(_at_)list(_dot_)cren(_dot_)net, 
Subject: Restricting the list

  Well, we've been caught!  I assume that most of you don't wish ads for
nude models (and whatever may follow) in your ietf list mail, and that
those of you who do can find them elsewhwere.
  I'm going to take the immediate steps of removing this list from its
globally published status, which may or may not help.
  I'm also considering making restricting posting to the subscribers to the
list, which is more restrictive than the normal situation for ietf lists,
so I'd like to get your reactions to that before I do so.  I propose that
such a restriction is not overly troublesome because (1) anyone can still
subscribe if posting is that important) and (2) postings are really
meaningful only from people that are fimiliar to the list.
  Finally, I must note that if such postings continue, CREN will probably
have to ask for some other site to host the lists, because of the legal
liabilities involved.
  What's your pleasure?


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