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Re: nonexistent-WG Last Call on MIME documents

1996-06-20 07:39:43
On 6/20/96 at 5:43 AM -0500, 
Harald(_dot_)T(_dot_)Alvestrand(_at_)uninett(_dot_)no wrote:

rens(_at_)name(_dot_)net said:
I have a draft with a couple of added features (file modes, etc.) If
there are no objectiosn Ill submit it. It dawns on me I was going to
do that before the LAST ietf. Ugh. time flies.

There were also some candidate new features suggested in
the MIXER WG; someone took an action to bring
it to your attention.
Did you get them?

That was me. I got them to Steve Dorner, and he was to pass along the edits
to Rens and then get the draft submitted. I was remiss in my "being a pain
in the butt" responsibilities.

They were creation-date, modification-date, read-date and size;
all dates in RFC-822 syntax, size in bytes.

Yes, I actually saw a copy of the language that Steve wrote for these.


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