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False threads

1999-07-13 09:11:49
In the future, we can expect much better support for
threads in e-mail. For example commands to scan threads
back and forwards, list all messages in a thread, etc.

One problem with this is that "false" threads are very
frequent in e-mail. False threads occur, because people are
using their collection of old messages as an address book.
When they want to write to one or more people, they find an
old message to or from the same people, and use the "reply"
command on that, not because it is a reply, but because
this is a simple way of getting the right addresses in the
recipient fields of the new message.

Can anything be done about this? Perhaps mailers should
have a command "new message with the same recipients" for
this purpose? Has anyone thought about this problem and how
to solve it? Can anything be done in email standards to
solve this problem?
Jacob Palme <jpalme(_at_)dsv(_dot_)su(_dot_)se> (Stockholm University and KTH)
for more info see URL:

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